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The Essential Apps you should have in your Mac Computer

If you have recently bought your first Mac you must be wondering that which apps are essential that you can’t live without! Here, we’re about to highlight on a handful of such Mac apps that you can download from the Mac App Store for the media management, communication, productivity, and more. Mac has some wonderful apps that run exclusively on their OS and users who select a Mac computer to enjoy the wide array of apps. Some of them are inbuilt that means you are going to start using them as soon as you switch on the computer. This is an incredible option that PC users can’t enjoy.

Here are some of those useful apps mentioned that only Mac users can download and use—

For productivity—

There are various useful apps created in the house of Apple that support productive jobs. Here are some of those—


One of the favorites of the Mac users, Alfred, with its new Version 3 is growing popular for its automation tools and the app is something more than just an application launcher. Alfred is available for free, you can download the free version anytime. But if you are interested in boosting the efficiency of the app, the power pack will cost you around $23.


While typing on your MacBook you can save your valuable time by using this app which is smart enough to recognize the word you are going to type a combination of a few characters. Writers find this app very efficient as it helps to save a lot of their valuable time.


This productivity app from the domain of Apple has won hearts for being free and efficient. It has the feature to sync to the cloud and the cross-platform app is easy to use and isn’t packed with many features and couldn’t offer you the facility of premium features.

Internet and Communication

In this realm, Mac computers also have a plethora of useful apps. Here we have a brief list—


If you are a Chrome fan for quite some time, you are going to enjoy the best browsing experience only with Chrome on your MacBook. The browser has the efficiency to sync everything throughout your computer along with the extension feature and plug-ins.

The non-Google options

If you are not that into Google products, you have the option to run Safari on your Mac along with the iCloud option. In spite of that, if you have a knack towards Firefox like many, you can run the hot fox on your Mac computers without giving it a second thought.


When it comes to chatting or for attending the international calls, nothing is smarter than you think than the Skype. In the Mac, you can conveniently download it. Along with the Windows, Skype can also be fluently run on the OS X.


Download VLC, if it is your favorite movie or music player like many. Mac supports this app without any glitch.

So, these are some of the most essential apps that should consider having on your Mac computer for a smoother computing experience.

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