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Super App for Getting Productive on the Go…or Behind a Desk

Not everyone is behind a desk all day – you move around, are on the go, or maybe even on a break. But when productivity is on a roll, she doesn’t stop to ask where you are – you’ve just got to deal with her, or you’ll miss the boat! The challenge, however, is finding productivity tools that have support, and function equally efficiently on multiple platforms. And an even greater problem is learning how to use those tools on each of those platforms.

Well, with the Aspire Productivity App, you get the best productivity apps for MAC working just the same as they do on your iPhone, laptops or your tablet!

Productivity Doesn’t Pick Platforms

Many so-called “productivity” tools operate on specific platforms, and exclude others. This approach to app development offers a set of unique challenges for productivity seekers:

  • What if you are at your desk, and your cell phone (on which some Apps exclusively run) is charging at a counter somewhere?
  • And, there are times when it’s a “no cell phones” session – you’re in the boardroom with your laptop – do you put productivity on hold?
  • Suppose you are walking between your office and the conference room, and an important reminder goes off on an exclusively Mac-based system? Are you supposed to go back and check for reminders on your desktop?
  • And for those times when you’re at home, away from your Mac, laptop and tablet, you need the best productivity app for iPhone to act as your productivity lifeline
  • Or, if you are plugged-in to the corporate intranet using your tablet device, will you continually also check your iPhone for a potentially urgent reminder – just because your productivity app doesn’t support tablet operating systems?

The fact is, that when you tie your productivity enhancement plans to single platform tools, you’re constrained from unlocking the true potential of what such tools can offer. Because productivity doesn’t recognize which platform to get your attention at; neither should you restrict yourself to just specific platforms.

Your productivity tracking tools should be platform independent, giving you the benefit of all platforms. In other words, the best productivity apps for MAC also work on a Tablet PC or a smartphone.

Different Platform…Same Functionality

But, from a productivity enhancement perspective, “working” shouldn’t mean just “able to operate” – it means much more than that. If you want to unleash the power of a productivity App, you shouldn’t have to “re-learn” how to use it on different platforms. That’s just plain unproductive use of time! Apps that function differently on different platforms may even hinder productivity.

Imagine using the “double-tap” on your Mac to go to the next entry, but similar functionality on the iPhone version deletes an entry! How productive can that be? The best productivity app for iPhone is one that operates seamlessly on multiple platforms, including your laptop, Mac and a Tablet, but doesn’t require you to learn multiple shortcuts, keyboard operations or non-standardized screen-tap commands.

As the old saying goes – what’s good for the iPhone is equally good for the Mac, and so too for a Tablet. And what’s good for your platform, is also great for productivity.