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Security Camera Installations Tips That You Need to Follow

The security camera installations in Dallas, TX that you follow will depend on your personal choice and the purpose of installing the camera in your premises. In fact, you need to be very careful while installing the camera as it needs to be done with care and precision. Do not install the camera in a high position to avoid recording the face of anyone who enters or leaves your premises. Also, do not install the camera in a place where the view is obstructed by obstructions such as tall trees, building walls, balconies, vents, etc.

You should also keep certain things in mind while going about the security camera installations in your home or office. Do not install the camera in places where children or senior citizens are likely to wander. This is because the camera might fall and injure them. Also, do not install the camera in areas where animals are likely to wander. The animal may hurt the camera or scratch it causing damage.

Before placing the camera, draw an approximate location of the camera on the wall using a piece of paper. Also, label the location on the paper. Mark the spot on the wall where the camera will be installed using masking tape. Draw a line from the marked location to where the cable will be attached and label it too. Mark the place for the power cable as well.

Once you have marked the wall and labeled it, disconnect the power cable and set the camera at the desired location. Use screw drivers to remove the screws from the mounting bracket and then attach it to the wall. You need to ensure that the power cord is placed in an area where it cannot get stepped on or knocked off. For better effect, you can install the digital video recorder in the same location.

The next step is to secure the bracket to the ceiling. For this, use tie wraps or nylon ropes. Once you are done with the installation, test the unit to see if it is working properly. Check its connection to the DVR by viewing the display. If you are not able to view the display, call for service providers or hire someone who can help you out.

After successfully installing the camera, you need to install the DVR. It is important for you to connect the DVR to the security camera by using cables that are appropriate with the type of camera you have purchased. In this case, you need fiber optic cables for your DVR. These are usually long lasting and durable. You can even use them in the future.