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Quick Overview Of Suspension Parameter Measurement

Investigating an on-road accident or case of vehicle failure involves taking a look at all relevant factors. Vehicles are expected to perform in a certain way when manufactured, but various aspects determine the eventual performance of the vehicle on the road and the behavior of the driver behind the wheels. For the unversed, suspension parameter measurement is about using specific machines and equipment to simulate the exact conditions and circumstances that may have impacted suspension and steering. The forensic engineers try to determine if these factors had any bearing or were responsible for the incident. Suspension testing is absolutely important not just for investigating accidents, but also for vehicle-related research and development.

How are these tests done?

A bunch of different methods are used to test suspension, depending on what the client wants. For instance, if the client is an automaker, they would want to know every possibility in detail and test their suspension and steering systems for everything. One basic way of testing suspension systems is by keeping the vehicle steady, while applying additional pressure on the suspension. The measurements aid in finding the causes, if the suspension was to blame, for an accident, and also to determine how the vehicle functions.

Reviewing steering system tests

Suspension tests are often done in conjunction with steering system tests. In case of steering system tests, the vehicle is mounted and force is applied as needed, to understand if the steering is working as expected, or how it would perform under different conditions. Both dynamic and static tests can be done, and all the necessary inputs, including inputs from the internal system, are mentioned in reports, so that the performance of the steering system can be evaluated accurately.

Finding a service

There are selected services in the US that specialize in suspension parameter measurement and testing, and these companies can offer all the assistance that investigators and different automakers need to get the accurate results. From small vehicles to military vehicles and RVs, every vehicle can be tested and reviewed on suspension parameter tests, to know if the response is expected. If your company is looking for a reliable and known company for such tests, make sure that they have experience and equipment to deal with these vehicles, and ensure that their reports are reliable enough to be considered as evidence.

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