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Questions To Ask Potential Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers [MSP] offer cost-effective IT solutions and add extra security level to your business data. IT service is crucial for generating revenue and so a properly functioning IT infrastructure is the need of this digital era.

Enterprise Technology Services is one of the dedicated managed service providers in Arizona. From consulting and network planning to provide clients proactive management tools, Etech has helped them expand their IT capabilities.

IT infrastructure is getting very complex, which has made business owners take steps in outsourcing their IT management & monitoring to professional Managed Service Providers. You are planning to partner with a reliable MSP. Hiring the right MSP is important for the overall success of your business.

Questions to ask potential MSP before hiring

How will your services help to compete more agilely?

To compete more nimbly in evolving market trends, you need to leverage advanced technology. So, ask them about machine learning and automation. What concrete examples are offered that suggest they can help compete at the highest level? Do they remediate and orchestrate? What is the roadmap of their product for the next two years?

What happens if IT infrastructure collapses?

You are hiring professionals for their expertise in managing and monitoring your IT infrastructure. In this cyber-centric era, IT glitches are inevitable. It is crucial to find how prepared the MSP is. They will discuss DRP or Disaster recovery Plan and be prepared to customize one as per your business needs.

What services get covered under a contract and what not?

You need to have a clear picture of the services provided as ‘a la carte’ plan. You know exactly what to expect. Never accept lump-sum estimation but ask for a breakdown.

See if they put constraints on services like several times per week you can call the support desk or how many devices are included in the agreement. No one wants to end up with shocking hidden fees later.

How will you get included in the loop and stay updated?

Some standard practices to ask are –

  • How often are reports provided?
  • Do you have frequent meetings to update customers?
  • Some MSPs offer admin portals and you can get an idea of what is happening behind the screen.
  • Do you wish the MSP approaches you and propose a solution or handle troubleshooting themselves?

Your business operates on technology, so the infrastructure and data it holds is a crucial part of your institution. If you feel comfortable with the answers and even your instincts are positive then engage the MSP.