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Learning About Data Protection Services

Increasing cases of hacking, cybercrimes, and data theft, have forced businesses to have a more proactive measure towards cybersecurity. Since many companies don’t have the in-house expertise to handle all of that, they are relying on managed service providers, or MSPs, for data protection services. Here’s what your company needs to know.

Why outsource data protection?

It is important to understand the hybrid IT environment and network infrastructure in which a company operates. Today, most businesses are relying on a mix of hybrid solutions, which includes cloud computing and on-premise assets. Heterogenous IT environments are hard to manage, and that’s the precise reason why data protection services make sense. These are companies that not only ensure protection of data, but at the same time, they also aid in data recover, in case of an incident and offer solutions like data encryption. Outsourcing data protection allows your company to leverage from experts, who have been in the business for years and are doing the same work for other enterprises and organizations within the same industry.

The scope of managed services

Besides data protection services, you can also work with managed service providers for cloud computing hosting and support, security, and server administration. Depending on the kind of network you have with the concerned MSP, you can expect support for email and messaging, data security, portal services and networking. If you are seeking just data protection, ask them about their expertise and what they can offer for your business. Experience in your niche and industry is always an added advantage.

Compliance and beyond

Another big reason for outsourcing data protection is compliance. You want to stay compliant to the various rules and regulations, including data privacy laws, and these compliance needs often change every now and then. Consider working with a company that can help you stay compliant and avoid unwanted errors, which can have consequences beyond fines and penalties. Also, knowing that your business has outsourced data protection to a known service can assure customers of their data safety and adds value to your brand.

Final word

If you are looking for help from MSPs, review their profile and ask for references. Make sure that you focus on the right aspects, so that data protection is not compromised for the sake of a lower price. Also, the contract has to be absolute in every sense. Pay for the managed data protection services, so that you don’t have to deal with security issues now and then.