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How Managed IT Services Use Cloud Services to Improve Your Security Routine

Managed IT Services uses cutting-edge technology to help small businesses in Texas overcome challenges that they face every day. Services include installation and maintenance of servers, networks, and software. A consultant will examine your needs and help you determine what solutions are right for your business. You can depend on a top-notch IT consulting firm to help you navigate the many technologies that are available to you.

What technology does Bytes Managed IT Services uses?

  • Managed IT Services uses state-of-the-art technology to help small businesses in Texas overcome challenges that they face every day.
  • Services range from network analysis and design to deployment of new applications. Consultants use industry standards like ISO/IEC 14001 and EPC 9100 to help them identify your unique needs and create a plan for solutions.
  • Depending on your hardware, software, and data management needs, a consultant can deploy on-site or cloud networking services using industry-leading technologies like Cisco’s CCNA or Microsoft’s MDAC.
  • The consultant also utilizes the latest tools and reporting features available to them through their portfolio.

On-site services use equipment that is state-of-the-art and can run your entire system. They also utilize cutting-edge communications equipment that comes with easy-to-use software that allows you to access your data from any location. Managed services uses routers and switches in order to secure your network. This ensures that data travels at high speeds to keep your business running smoothly.

The next option used by Managed IT Services is a proactive approach. They take an active role in maintaining your security by engaging in proactive security measures. This includes installing the newest anti-virus software, performing routine service management, and upgrading your networking equipment. A proactive approach is effective because it keeps your security at optimum levels. A tech audit not only identifies threats but also prevents them from happening. A tech audit can save your company thousands of dollars because it identifies threats before they happen.

On the other hand, a reactive approach offers your company options in response to recent threats and vulnerabilities. This may include creating a training program, implementing anti-virus software, and equipping your computer and its applications with firewalls and other security measures. It may also mean equipping your network with more pluggable hardware such as smart cards and USBs.

A proactive approach keeps your company at risk of attack by lessening your company’s ability to defend itself. On the other hand, a reactive approach keeps your systems engineers on their toes and working to prevent and fix problems before they occur so that your systems engineers are not required to spend a large amount of time on remediation tasks.