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Five Effective Ways to Prevent Data Breaches

Data breaches take place when cybercriminals gain access to sensitive information without permission. They can impact either personal or corporate data in any organisation. Hackers are fast and invisible and cause a breach when they gain access to customer names, accounts, credit card details, and passwords because of poor security practices and other information system vulnerabilities.

If your company wants to avoid huge fines as a result of a data breach, plug all the possible data security loopholes. Below are some steps you can take to effectively protect your company data:

Keep Your Software Updated

Your software needs to be updated regularly. When the software company releases an update, check what the update is for and take prompt action. If it is meant to correct software vulnerability, ensure to carry out all software updates to security right away. Remember that hackers possess tools that can scan a big number of sites in a short time to look for vulnerabilities and exploit them.

Ensure you Have a Data Backup

This is a basic step you can take that does not require regular intervention. When you engage in an agreement with a provider of online backup service, they will be responsible for performing the automated backup process.

Improve Access Control

Ensure it is not easy for hackers to gain access to the admin panel of your website. Administrative usernames and passwords must be changed regularly. Also, it is important to change your default database table prefix and put a limit on the login attempts during a certain period. A lot of companies deploy identity and access management software to ensure only people who have authority can access certain company data. Identity and access management restricts outgoing and former employees from accessing data they are not authorised to access.

Give Data Security Training

Your team must be trained to follow the best security practices. Inform everyone about the vital nature of data security and how to prevent mistakes that can lead to breaches. Ensure your employees know how to identify sensitive data and make security a normal part of your organisation’s culture. Training should be done periodically to enhance security awareness and keep your team informed about any security threats.

Document Data and Its Storage

The adoption of cloud computing allows a lot of businesses to segregate data storage. Make sure to document where you store ever file and who are authorised to access each. Also, document how users are accessing data.