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All In One Solar Street Light – A Revolutionary Technology Finding Its Feet

What is an All one solar street light?

As the name suggests, solar-powered street lights run from solar energy (energy obtained from sunlight). It functions on photovoltaic technology wherein the sunlight gets coveted into electricity with the help of solar cells. It is an efficient lighting system comprising solar panels, LED light, motion sensors, and batteries.

Sectors in which these are used

  • Solar power street lights are predominantly used in the following sectors:
  • Infrastructure developments such as roads, dams, tunnels, industrial parks, parking lots.
  • Industries, particularly in manufacturing sectors such as plants and industrials undertaking
  • In households for personal use such as farmhouses, societies, etc.

Why are these lights used?

These lights are used due to the following benefits it provides to its consumers:

  • A regular and sustainable supply of electricity
  • The solar energy can be stored in batteries and thus can be used as and when required
  • When purchased from an authenticated and reliable Solar street light manufacturer, these lights give higher efficiency and longer lifespan.
  • In any project or household, energy cost is a significant part of production/ living costs, and anyone would want to reduce this cost by any means possible. These solar street lights are less expensive than the conventional source of energy (thermal or hydra).
  • These are non-pollutive and thus environment friendly.
  • These lights have a lower maintenance cost as compared to the convention lights.
  • Further, it also reduced the risk of accidents as there are no external wires attached to it.
  • These lights have a function of folding and rising, which means that these lights can get sunlight from both sides of the road, increasing its efficiency.
  • These lights can be installed very easily.

Pricing of a solar street light

The solar street light price depends upon various factors such as:

  • Quality of solar panels
  • Capacity and quality of batteries
  • Quality of no. of LED lights required
  • The capacity of the system (panel).
  • Quantum of light required
  • Dimensions of the road, tunnel
  • Quantum of use (only in nights / regular and rigorous)
  • Hight of the pole
  • Government guidelines/standards for a particular project or area

The available solar street light manufacturer provides these solar street lights in various price ranges and various watts such as 40W 60W 80W 100W 120W. You can also go for the 100W solar street light. For normal use, a 40W solar powered street light would suffice the purpose. However, if the use is continuous and rigorous, then you should consider dwelling into higher watts depending upon the area at which the solar street lights are required.

Given the above unique and distinguishing characteristics associated with these solar-powered street lights, you may consider buying an all in one solar street light. It would not only be lighter on your wallet. Still, it would also give you a reliable and regular electricity supply when you buy solar street light. Thus, you need not worry about power cuts and paying huge electricity bills.