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Adhesives Technology Corporation Produces The Strongest Industrial Glues

The industrial and the manufacturing sector do not function alone on raw materials. Other factors contribute to their functioning too. Several methods include the use of chemical components to give the raw materials a shape for production use. Adhesives Technology Corporation is in the market, contributing to the manufacturing and construction industry with its adhesive products.

What are the different types of adhesives?

Adhesives are strong glues used in manufacturing and construction. However, there are different types of adhesives, each of them suitable for a different purpose. These purposes are:

  1. Doweling- For doweling, the adhesives have high strength and non-sag formula. They are suitable for threaded rebar and rod. And have a smooth texture with non-abrasive consistency. Some of them have the components of an acrylic system with fast curing and styrene free.
  2. Bonding and coating- Adhesives used in bonding and coating have either medium viscosity or non-sag viscosity. They have a high-strength bonding agent and a long pot life formula. These adhesives are perfect for various repair projects. They are solvent-free, moisture insensitive and have high modulus.
  3. Concrete repair- Adhesives Technology corporation has given each adhesive a unique base that can come in handy for a different function. These adhesives for bonding and coating can be reliable for repair. But these adhesives for concrete repair are made exclusive to go with the string base of the concrete. These formulas can cure a crack and repair a spall. They contain extreme low viscosity and hybrid formulations of two-component polyurethane.
  4. Joint treatment- These adhesives have flexible polyurea. They are suitable to fill control joints, active cracks and saw cuts. They have the design considering the freezer application and the heavy-duty traffic.
  5. Anchoring- These adhesives are known to have the strongest base out of all. They have the formula of the anchoring system suitable for uncracked and cracked concrete. These adhesives are available in bulk and cartridges. They contain the short term, but the highest elevated temperature resistance among the approved epoxy.

All these adhesives are bought in bulk, to be precise. After all, they are used in industrial uses. Therefore for household projects, it might be difficult to get only one bottle or tube of them. Also, even if you manage to get them for a backyard project, be very careful. They are some of the strongest glues. You need to work with them while wearing gloves and avoid skin contact.