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4 computer network types to know

At Bytes Managed IT Services, the following are the network for computers which can be categorized as per their size. There are four main types:

  • Local area network-LAN
  • Personal area network –PAN
  • Metropolitan area network – MAN
  • Wide area network- WAN

Local area network – LAN

It is where there is a pool of computers which are linked to one another in ranges that are limited like office premises or apartments. It is a computer network that connects the computer pol through communication devices such as routers, coaxial cable, and the twisted and switches pairs.

It is normally readily available at low cost, built with hardware that is cheaply available such as the network adapters, Ethernet cables, and hubs. The data transfer rate is high with a minimal response time. It is a network that is highly safe and less prone to data loss and hacks.

Personal area network – PAN

It is configured in a person in a range that is approximately 10 meters and it is mostly used for connecting the internet for personal usage range. It has a range of coverage of about 30 meters. The personal equipment used includes laptops, desktops, game stations, smartphones, music players, and electronic gadgets.

Metropolitan area network – MAN

The MAN is known to cover geographical areas via connecting different local area networks which get united in forming a larger network. MAN is utilized by the government in linking private firms and people through applications or websites. In the MAN, various LANs get interconnected using the technology of telephone communication

Wide area network-WAN

It is known to provide services for the users connecting to wireless by use of public or remote or private access. The connection gets to be established in a large range of geographical in a range such as a complete city which uses the structure of the current network of the mobile operators.

The starter pack of the WAN is standardized at 802.20 and has a goal of achieving mobile broadband wireless access optimization that is referred to as MBWA. It is a standard 802.20 which has a tough competitor of the models of 3G and 2.5G.

The WWAN made the possibility successfully of the transfer of superficial voice. It gets also measured in the global positioning system – GPS, the general packet radio service known as the GPRS is the general packet radio service, global positioning system referred to as GPRS, is the enhanced data rates for the global evolution, abbreviated as EDGE, the UMTS is the universal mobile telecommunication system, with the high-speed uplink packet – HSUPA being some of the well-known ones.